Saturday, July 18, 2009

So The Wonder Begins

I've come to a conclusion, that ever since I've started dating Brittany, I've discovered a whole new me. I feel like a better person, and I feel as if I can think things through more. I'm so glad that her an I are together. And it's been almost a year!

By the way, sorry about the whole, "not posting a blog in a while" thing. I haven't really had anything to talk about really, but now I do!

So my Mom has actually came to the conclusion that she can fully trust me. Ever since I've realized that, I've been gaining more respect for her, and she seems to be having more respect in me too. Things are just going great, and I love it. I mean, for God's sake, my Mom has let Brittany stayed the night here, and I'm glad my Mom and her get a long well.

Out of all of this happiness, I do have one thing to say. I'm absolutely sick of everyone doing drugs, and drinking, and smoking, and posting it, and bragging about it EVERYWHERE. Seriously people, must you do that? God, must you do drugs in the first place? Drugs are just as overrated as Twighlight, The Jonas Brothers, Lady Gaga, and now 3OH3!

Another great thing I've realized, is that I've been getting back into skateboarding again, A LOT more. I skate just about every Tuesday and Thursday, and honestly, the little break from skateboarding I took I think helped me out a lot more. I'm not as afraid to do things I couldn't do before.

Anyways, new video on youtube tomorrow! Hopefully! I'm trying to be more original, because I don't want to be like all the other vloggers and youtubers. Here's the link, views would be nice, and so would subscribers!
And if you haven't followed me on Twitter yet, then here's that link also-

I love you guys! Buh bye..


  1. Glad to hear your life has been going well. Though I must say, Harry Potter is not over-rated. :P


  3. My baddd! I didn't mean to type in Harry Potter! Haha!