Sunday, July 26, 2009


After a long day, I decided some lovely rest for my eyes would be lovely on my part, yet before I did fall into a rock hard sleep, I decided to text her because it had seemed as if I had to end the conversation with a sweet, "I love you," and a "goodnight." So while waiting for a reply, which had never came to my side of the phone, I fell asleep. I guess they are right when they say, "things happen for a reason."

My eyes are now sown tightly together as the film strip clicks and clicks, while showing me the way things would be with no one; on my own. Everything was dark. No one was there. It felt like I was starring in the movie "Cube," or some shit. Noises, strange ones, were coming from every direction. There were sounds, silent sounds, similar to a dog whistle, yet it was for the human ear only.

Stumbling back and fourth, I realized that this is what it's like with no one there in your life. I realized how great full I am to have my girlfriend, my family, and of course my friends.

What get's me is...what do you think would have happened if I got a text message that night from her?

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