Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's All Downhill Tonight.

Just as I think my day was going great today, it all turns to shit. I'm being serious.

Let me tell you how good my day WAS going. First off, I was getting along great with my Brother, and we NEVER get along. I even gave him a really good haircut today, and I was really proud of myself. Also, I got a lovely text message from my girlfriend this morning, and it said, "Goodmorning baby! I'll call when we get back today. I love youu! Bye handsome <3">.>
After that though, we had all gone out to eat at Chili's. The food was great, and nothing had gone wrong. To me, it seemed like we got our food awfully fast!

Sorry to ruin everything, but here comes the bad part...
So I get home after a great time and I went on myspace and noticed that my girlfriend had been frustrated with something. So I called her as soon as I noticed it and her sister answered the phone and had told me she was in the shower. So I waited until she got out, or until her sister told her that I had called. So after about an hour of waiting, she tells me the bad news. I guess her Mom's boyfriend had been drinking, like always, and kept yelling and yelling at her. So, I got upset from that, cause I hate that man, a lot. Then, my girlfriend tells me that some boy, that we despise with a passion, is staying the night at her house. OH! Not to mention this boy used to like Brittany, a lot. He'd leave picture comments flirting with her and shit while we were dating. So, of course, I am nervous. Not because of her, cause I know she'd never do that to me, but because of him. I swear to God, I never will fight a single soul on this universe, but if he lays a hand on her, he's going to get his ass kicked, no doubt. I'm tired of people trying to get in the middle of every single one of my relationships, and I'm NOT going to let some kid get in the middle of my best one yet. And I'm sorry if you read this Brittany, but I think it was pretty hypocritical of you honestly. You got sad because someone from school told me she'd see me at my brother's orientation, which in fact I didn't even see, and you expect me not to be sad over this?

I think this whole jealousy thing needs to be solved. I'm tired of it, you're tired of it. We can't keep having jealousy issues with over stupid people. It is good to have every now in then to be cautious of things, but not now. We are just teenagers, we need to start being more of adults about everything. We're strong I know we can do it baby.

I'm going to go read my book. Sorry about this rant, I was just getting to me.

p.s. I just coughed up blood. Great :/

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